kaitlin marianne

poetry has always been a friend of mine, there for me to slip away into the pages of my beloved journal and there for me to take advantage of in the most beautiful way. and as i’ve been growing, and growing in my art work, i’ve felt the need to share this piece of myself. i’ve felt the need to be vulnerable in the hopes that somebody can connect to what i have felt. and so, here i am.

i hope you take comfort in my words.

on another note, i am not only a poet. i am a college student studying musical theatre, a music maker, a dog lover, a friend, and lover. i love art in all of its capacities and i love the earth, for it is art.

my biggest inspiration for my work is my 12 year old self.  just look at how far you have come (and how far you have yet to go).


cheers to self expression, cheers to us.