Kaitlin Marianne

I am a queer creator.  I create music, poems, theatre, and everything under the sun.  Saying that is very daunting, I’ll admit.  But here I am.


I am releasing a book of my original poetry on September 9, 2018 entitled “Pinky.”  It will be my first collection of poems available for purchase through Amazon.  I am beyond excited to have this piece of me become something I can hold in my hands and to say that I made it.  Wow.


I also write a lot of music, which I am beginning to post on both my Soundcloud and Bandcamp accounts (search nova909 to check me out!).  Continual self expression is so integral to my existence that I just want to share it as much as I can even though it challenges me.  But challenges are good, it keeps us fresh and on our toes.


My happy places are anywhere with a body of water, fields of grass, bookstores, and in my car driving down a highway.


I’m excited to continue to share my life with you.