Hi there!

Nice to meet you.  I’m Kaitlin Marianne.

I am a poet, songwriter, actor, and overall artist who resides in both New Jersey and Philadelphia.  I’ve loved creating my entire life and love to challenge myself.  So here I am, forcing myself to be vulnerable even though that scares the shit out of me.  Sometimes I think I am just a masochist.

Other things about me that are pretty important: I am queer in all aspects of the word and my identity is really important to me.  I fall for people easily.  I love to get gifts for people.  I love my dog even though she only pays attention to me when she either wants to sleep in my bed or when I’m crying.  Nature is my muse.  I love the color yellow and a lot of the times I think that I am the most sunshine-y person there is.

I’m full of love and here to spread it.

And that’s about all that you need to know for now.  I hope you stick around and find something that you like.